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Suckalujah! Praise Feltra! Felt That!

Featured Music Video:

♣️♦️ The Poker Man ♥️♠️

Here comes "The Poker Man" - the debut music video from The Felt Boyz! This is the story of the luckiest gambler in the land. Watch as he outclasses the competition in this ode to old silent movies. The Poker Man stars Dr. Lucky, Jack Potter, Shady Dealer, Dummicus, and Foldy Fingaz. Check out the video above and click the button below for more Felt Boy videos!

Felt Boyz Merchandise and New Releases:

Parody Album Vol. 1

Get ready to laugh and sing-along!

The new album features 14 cover/spoof songs that will crack you up! Tracks include My Deck, Felters of the Galaxy, Felt Rabbit and more!

Feltin' Poker Shirts!

Poker and gambling gear at The Felt Boyz merch store!

Look at them Felt Boyz - wearin' their own Felt Boyz poker shirts! Lookin' like a couple o' suckas if you ask me!

Felty the Snowman

An original holiday audio flick by The Felt Boyz:

An original holiday story about an unbeatable, trash-talkin' gamblin' snowman.

Rated R/MA

Felt News and Updates:

Mar. 8, 2023

The Felt Boyz home game is in final development stages and will soon be appearing on our KickStarter page. Check back soon to be an early investor!


Feb. 5, 2023

Stay tuned for new episodes of Felters of the Galaxy, starring Dalano Rhyne as Dr. Lucky and Golan Sarfati as Foldy Fingaz.


Aug. 2022

We are on TikTok now! Check out the latest poker game shorts and learn about Suckalosophy!https://www.tiktok.com/@thefeltboyz


July 2022

G's Saloon is up and running for live events and shows!


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We're gamblers, ain't we?

Poker Entertainment Playlists:

Live from G's Saloon!

See who's next up on the mic at G's Saloon - Feltsville's oldest bar!

Feltamite live

It's Feltsville's resident poet - Feltamite. Check out his latest comedy shorts.

Behind the scenes

Watch The Felt Boyz record in their private studio, and go out n about on the town.

Dummicus shorts

Dummicus lives! Check out his comedy shorts starring The Felt Boyz!