"Poker Entertainment!"

We've created a blues, rock & comedy experience for all. The Felt Boyz combine classic music stylings with fun lyrics and improv comedy. Our music, videos, and audio stories center around a group of degenerate gamblers who live in a fantasy town called Feltsville.

Sample song:

The Felt Boyz Are:

Golan Sarfati
aka Foldy Fingaz

Golan lends his artistry to The Felt Boyz in form of creative writing, video editing, audio engineering, music composition, graphic design, photography, and poker! Based out of San Francisco, he is co-creator of The Felt Boyz and plays the characters of Foldy Fingaz, Jack Potter, Shady Dealer, and more!

Instagram: @goldy_fingaz

Dalano Rhyne
aka Dr. Lucky

Dalano is a professional musician and band front-man. He's a natural performer and is well known in the San Francisco music community. His passions include acting, singing, directing, and more creative roles. As co-creator of The Felt Boyz, he plays the characters Dr. Lucky, Feltamite, Chasey Jones, and more!

Instagram: @dalanorhyne

The Felt Boyz

Based out of San Francisco, CA, The Felt Boyz are a comedy/music act. They began as a joke between 2 fellow poker players and friends - Golan Sarfati and Dalano Rhyne. Whenever these 2 met on the felt, it was like fireworks in the form of endless singing and joking. While playing poker, they improved songs that they later recorded and turned into an album. After that, they began developing comedy skits based on poker characters and real life situations, thus inventing the fictionary town of Feltsville and all it's wild inhabitants.

The Felt Boyz play live - whenever they are on the same table together. But sometimes, are known to play a set here and there. Otherwise, you can see and hear all the songs and skits on their website and YouTube channel.

Instagram: @thefeltboyz

The Felt Boyz Music:

Below is our current discography. Play our music right here or visit us on BandCamp.

The Felt Boyz

Featuring original songs and tribute songs to John Denver and Kenny Rogers.

Snippets of poker quotes, chants, sayings, etc. Use them for your ringtone or play 'em at the table!

The Felt Boy Bluez

All original songs featuring  the original duo with new musicians, as well as short comedic audio tracks.

Featured on "A What's So Funny Christmas Special" in 2020, this is a single track "cover" of  "Silent Night".

An original holidy audio flick about a gamblin' snowman who can't lose. Acted out by The Felt Boyz characters.

The Felt Boyz Videos:

Here are a couple sample videos. For more, please visit us on YouTube.

"The Poker Man"

Written, filmed, directed and edited by The Felt Boyz - Dalano Rhyne and Golan Sarfati.

"I Should Fold"

Written, filmed, directed and edited by The Felt Boyz - Dalano Rhyne and Golan Sarfati.

Social Media:

The Felt Boyz are online everywhere. Use the links below or search for us through your app!


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