The Felt Boyz Parody Album Vol. 1

Listen, laugh, and sing-along with The Felt Boyz as they cover 14 of your favorite classic songs! That's right 14 hilarious song spoofs and the album is FREE!

Track list:

The Felt Boyz (selt-titled)

We proudly present 12 tracks of blues, rock and poker music bliss. Stream or download now from any music retailer and tune in to The Felt Boyz music stations everywhere!

Track list:

Download the album from the links below. It's FREE!

Felty the Snowman!

An original holiday audio flick by The Felt Boyz

This holiday season, take a trip down to Feltsville - The City of Diamonds and Spades, and hear a tale of luck and misfortune starring Felty the Snowman - an unbeatable gamblin', shit-talkin' snowman!

A What's So Funny Christmas!

The Felt Boyz are featured in a new musical comedy adventure featuring new and classic holiday songs, as well as hilarious poker skits! Be sure to check out "Silent Felt"!

The Felt Boy Bluez
Coming soon...

The album features 13 new music and comedy tracks! Check back soon for a new music video and album release date!

Track List: