"The Poker Man"

Some would say he's unbeatable on the felt. I assure you you may play, but you WILL lose when you face The Poker Man. It's the premiere video from The Felt Boyz, featurin' Lucky Calliani, Jack Potter, Shady Dealer, Dummicus, and Goldie Lux!

"Felt  Hymn"

It's that song you sing in your head when yer just waitin' and waitin' and waitin' for that perfect cards. Take a look at the video featurin' The Lone Felter, with Foldy Fingaz on guitar.

"I Should Fold"

When you know you should'n'a dun somethin', but you gone n' did it anyway. Then, later on, you do it again! Well this video's for you, featurin Dr. Lucky, Deuce Flopper, and The Bay Area Cowboy!

"Silent Felt" (Silent Night cover)

Join The Felt Boyz in a sing-along, as they perform Silent Felt live from Feltsville!

Silent Felt
Shitty cards dealt
No one calls
No one bets
Every hand I get is bullshit
I can't believe I'm still playin'
Why do i keep buying in?
Why do i keep buying in?

"Felters of the Galaxy"

Official music video by The Felt Boyz performing “Felters of the Galaxy” – off their album ‘The Felt Boyz Parody Album Vol. 1’. Download the entire album for free from Bandcamp.

"Felters of the Galaxy" is a musical parody of "Cult of Personality" by Living Colour.

Sucka to Sucka Ep.1
Feltamite vs. Shady Dealer

Feltamite (Feltsville's resident felt poet) takes on the worst dealer in town – Shady Dealer. Watch as the Dealer gets roasted for screwin' up! A comedy short by The Felt Boyz Hosted by Caller Cosell and starring Feltamite, Shady Dealer, Jack Potter, Chasey Jones, The Felt Don, and Dummicus!

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